Coffeethon – Pre-registration warm-up for Avança Café 5.0

This past weekend, on September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, tecnoPARQ hosted Coffeethon, an event focused on developing innovative solutions to address challenges in the coffee production chain.

The event saw participation from students, teachers, coffee producers, and technology innovation enthusiasts. Over three intense and immersive days, participants, with the guidance of qualified mentors, worked in teams to bring an idea to life and present it to an evaluation panel, competing for the Coffeethon’s top prize and other rewards.

Although only one team was awarded, the greatest prize is the personal and professional development achieved by being a Coffeethon participant, in addition to the opportunity to establish important connections in both academic and professional circles.

Coffeethon is an annual event organized by tecnoPARQ with the goal of promoting innovation within the coffee production chain. The next edition of the event is scheduled for 2024. However, in pursuit of finding solutions for the coffee production chain, tecnoPARQ, in partnership with Embrapa Café and UFLA, is also organizing the Avança Café program. Registrations for Avança Café are now open and will close on September 8th. Participants have a chance to win cash prizes of up to 20,000 Brazilian Reais.

Don’t miss the opportunity to register for Avança Café by clicking here!

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