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The tecnoPARQ

The technological park of Viçosa (tecnoPARQ) is a space linked to the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) that foments technological development, social and economical to the city of Viçosa. The tecnoPARQ boosts innovation, new businesses, quality jobs, networking and quality of life, while still integrating a place to work, live, learn and have fun. The tecnoPARQ has qualities to create synergy, projects and links between learning institutions, tecnological centers, companies and other players from the worldly inovation ecosystem. The park aims to give national and international visibility to the affiliated companies and institutions, as well as to Viçosa as a city.

The tecnoPARQ is one of the best inovative, enterpreneurial, and business ecosystems of Brazil’s technology base. The Park works to attract national and international companies, generate new businesses, promote partnerships and projects and to gather public and private resources. Likewise, the park is aiming to boost Viçosa into a big technology hub, capable of attracting worldwide enterpreneural opportunities, by partnering with companies, universities, research institutions, investors, etc.

As a networking agent, the park offers adequate conditions for creation and attractions to the stakeholders own goals on technological base, by offering high aggregated value services, physical infrastructure, quality technology and integrated networks of knowledge and collaboration. 



To improve the richness of the neighboring community, promoting innovation culture and healthy competition between the affiliated companies and knowledge-creating institutions, aiming the promotion and diversity of the local economy, wealth generation quality jobs, tax exemption, and the permanent setup of companies technologically based.



To become a scientific and technological hub of global reach and importance, by allying with UFV and in partnership with their resident companies and theirs stakeholders, in the vanguard of technological innovation in strategic fields.

Our purpose

Creation of new businesses

Identify thought and development lines, products and processes to foment innovation, and strengthening the bond between the productive sector and UFV

Technology transfering

Coordinate actions that allow the participation of UFV in the process of the national technological spreading. To search for UFV's technological potencies, while contributing to the transmission of the technologies to the linked companies (already existing or to be created in Viçosa)

Promoting enterpreneurial culture

Stablishing a coexisting ecosystem between the productive sector Estabelecer convivência and UFV, allowing the use of their equipments, the participation of their researchers, workgroups or departments, with the goal of creating high technology companies

Social and educational development

Share the benefits of technological development caused by tecnoPARQ and the associated units with the surrounding society

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Linha do Tempo

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Management model

The tecnoPARQ uses BSC to offer a value proposal through six businesses units that operate the 27 projects of the organization. With this strategy, the goal is to consolidate tecnoPARQ as a technology hub capable of attract intelectual capital, new companies and businesses. The quality, diversity and volume of services offered will be spread to increase innovation potency and access to new markets. The diversity of enterprises set up will be broader to increase the development opportunities around tecnoPARQ. It is expected that the execution of planned services will increase tecnoPARQ’s creation, attraction, fixation capacity of technology based enterprises, generating new opportunities in many fields of knowledge. Besides, new products, services and processes of highly technological content will be developed and made avaliable to society, improving quality of life. 

where are we?

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Located on the mesoregion of Zona da Mata Mineira, on the southwest of the state of Minas Gerais, the city of Viçosa stands out for housing a worldwide reference center on research, studies and extension activities, the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV).

Besides UFV, there are other college institutions, like Higher Teaching Union of Viçosa (Univiçosa), the College of Viçosa (FDV) and the Superior Studies College of Viçosa (ESUV), there are other initiatives, both public and private in all levels of schooling, from technical to post-graduation.

Their institutions, specially UFV, attract people from all around Brazil and the world thanks to scientific-academic events and UFV’s reputation.

The County has an area of 299.418 km2 , and, according to the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute (IBGE) there is about 73 thousand citizens, which about 20 thousand are considered floating population (most part being university students)

Viçosa is relatively close to main cities of Brazil’s southeast region, like Belo Horizonte (225 km), Rio de Janeiro (385 km), Vitória (410 km), and São Paulo (650 km). 


To get here, you can use the airports:

Zona da Mata Airport(Aeroporto de Goianá), 127 km away from Viçosa, in the city of Goianá (MG)
Ubá Airport (MG), 72 km away;
Juiz de Fora  Airport(MG), 170 km away;
Pampulha Airport in Belo Horizonte, 225 km away;
Tancredo Neves International Airport (Confins), 269 km away.
In 2013, Viçosa was classified in the High Level of Development category of the Human County Development (IDHM) with the score of 0,775 (longevity: 0,883; income: 0,758; and education: 0,696), being the 11th best city to live in the State of Minas Gerais. The evaluation was made following UN’s guidelines of IDHM for Brazil. The score is based on the citizen’s income and life expectancy.

On the tax framework field, the Municipal Law of Innovation brings tax exemptions to companies that wish to set up themselves inside the County. So, the innovative projects attracted generate income, regional technological development, and boost the innovation culture.

The city owns an expressive number of technology-based companies, which constitutes two important Local Productive Arrays (APL`s): one based on Biotechnology, and another based on Information Technology. They are represented by the ViçosaTec association.

All of the actions related to innovation and technology based enterpreneuralship made Viçosa known to IBGE, and other renowned institutions, such as Brazilian Service of Suport to Small Companies (SEBRAE) and the Small Companies & Big Businesses magazine by Globo publishings, as one of the 45 cities in Brazil which offers the best creation conditions to innovative businesses.