Residency Program

Strengthening technical and scientific competitiveness.

Residency Program

It aims to provide affiliated companies with the strengthening of technical and scientific competitiveness, the development of strategic partnerships, technological and market expansion, and international projection.

The program aims to establish a new development guideline for the municipality and region, supporting technology-based companies located in the Park, promoting the creation of qualified jobs and income.

Manual da Residência

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Guia de Residência

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Services Offered

Services Offered:

– Networking development
– Interaction and technological cooperation with the Federal University of Viçosa
– Infrastructure usage concession
– Laboratory sharing
– Business monitoring
– Indicator tracking
– Business Plan

– Strategic planning
– Communication and marketing
– Support for fundraising and investor attraction
– Qualification Program
– Consulting and Advisory Program
– Mentoring Program
– Real estate management

To become a Resident Company at tecnoPARQ, it is necessary for the proposing company to be a legally constituted legal entity, characterized as a technology-based company engaged in research, project, and development of products, processes, or services; and establish partnerships with areas of knowledge within UFV’s scope of activities, whether in teaching, research, or extension.

The companies to be installed in the Technology Park are selected through a public selection process, following the current regulations.

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Sistema de Seleção

O processo de seleção para empresas residentes no tecnoPARQ e os critérios de seleção, admissão, permanência e desligamento das empresas residentes estão formalizados no EDITAL DE SELEÇÃO DE EMPRESAS PARA INSTALAÇÃO NO PARQUE TECNOLÓGICO DE VIÇOSA (CENTEV/UFV). 

Também é preciso que a empresa, após a submissão online da proposta, encaminhe os documentos listados abaixo para o e-mail: :

  • Comprovante de pagamento de inscrição;
  • Cópia autenticada do Contrato Social da Empresa;
  • Comprovante de situação cadastral;
  • Certidão negativa da União da empresa e sócios;
  • Certidão negativa do Estado da empresa e sócios;
  • Certidão negativa do Município da empresa e sócios;
  • Certidão negativa com o INSS e FGTS;
  • Termo de compromisso de parceria com a UFV.

Após a entrega dos documentos obrigatórios, inicia-se a avaliação da proposta, que é composta por:

  • Avaliação técnica;
  • Avaliação financeira;
  • Avaliação da Comissão Avaliadora.

O processo de seleção é encaminhado para aprovação do Conselho Administrativo do CenTev e depois para o Conselho da Universidade Federal de Viçosa (CONSU/UFV).



The Resident Company Program aims to promote and strengthen the university-company interaction. Through it, companies will be supported in their processes, adding value to their brands through the formal connection with one of the best technological parks in our country and its anchor, the Federal University of Viçosa, internationally renowned in teaching, research, extension, and innovation, elected in 2021 as the most entrepreneurial federal university in Brazil.

To become a resident company at tecnoPARQ, the proposing company must be a legally constituted legal entity characterized as a technology-based company. Additionally, the company should be engaged in research, project, and the development of products, processes, or services, and establish partnerships with knowledge areas related to UFV, be it in education, research, or extension.

In addition to the interaction and technological cooperation with UFV, the Resident Company Program offers advantages such as: concession of infrastructure use, real estate management, laboratory sharing, status meetings, business monitoring, indicator monitoring, strategic planning, communication and marketing, interns for companies; networking development; investment attraction; support for fundraising, Qualification Program, Consultin. Advisory Program, Programa de Consultoria e Assessoria, Programa de Mentoria, bem como benefícios fiscais em virtude da Lei n° 2204/2011.

The selection process to join the Resident Company Program occurs through a continuous flow selection process, meaning it is always open to receive applications. Therefore, interested companies must submit their business proposal, detailing their activities, objectives, and strategies, as well as demonstrating their technical and scientific capacity. An evaluation committee reviews the proposals and selects the companies that best meet the established criteria.

You can contact the Innovation Agent responsible for the Program directly via email at to clarify specific doubts or request additional information.


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