Incubation Program


Incubation Program

The Incubation Program aims to strengthen technology-based start-ups, with an emphasis on managerial training for entrepreneurs and support for the economic and financial development of the business. The Program offers incubated companies shared infrastructure, management and technical advice and consultancy, innovation support mechanisms and training courses for entrepreneurs.

For a company to become incubated in tecnoPARQ, it must be of a legal nature, duly established, with a technological base that is involved in research, development activities and projects related to products, processes or services. Furthermore, it is essential that the company establishes collaborative partnerships with areas of knowledge active at UFV, whether in the areas of teaching, research or extension.

Companies applying for the Incubation Program will be selected through a selection process, respecting the criteria described in the Announcement.

Pillars of the Program

Planning and Monitoring to help develop a solid and scalable business model with verification of milestones, activity deliveries and monitoring of indicators for each phase of your business.

Connections, qualifications and networking to help you grow faster. Through the Integrated Entrepreneurial Qualification Program, Consultancy, Coffee Talk and tecnoPARQ in Sinergia.

What does the program offer?​

  • Shared infrastructure
  • Management and technical advice and consultancy
  • Innovation support mechanisms
  • Training courses for entrepreneurs
  • Assistance for submission of funding Announcements

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A differentiated environment full of innovation and entrepreneurship for technology-based companies and research and innovation centers.

New entrepreneurs, with a technology-based business project, have at tecnoPARQ the support they need to develop their managerial and administrative skills, as well as guidance, advice and consultancy that facilitate the introduction and development of the company in the market.


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Yes, to participate in the incubation program you must have an active CNPJ.

No. Entrepreneurs do not need to be linked to UFV to be part of the program. The process is open to the general community.

There is a fee to participate in the incubation program, this amount is charged in real estate. The value is calculated according to the size of the room and we work with a progressive discount program inversely proportional to the incubation time.

The Incubation program lasts 2 years. The period may be reduced or extended depending on the maturity of the business and suitability for graduation.

We hold monthly advisory meetings to advise on the development of your business. The basis of our advisory system is the maturity model that establishes goals and objectives in the CERNE axes (market, entrepreneur, technology, management, capital, impact and internationalization). The company must reach pre-established milestones and constantly review strategic tools such as Business Model Canvas, Business Plan, Strategic Planning and Cash Flow.