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The Federal University of Viçosa is widely recognized for its excellence in teaching, research and extension, having in its history several names of national and international importance, in addition to the notorious prominence in several university rankings. In addition, UFV has increasingly developed actions to support its students in promoting socio-environmental impact and in disseminating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship through the Junior Company Movement (MEJ). For this, the UFV has the Center of Junior Companies (CEMP), a unit linked to the Technological Development Center of Viçosa (CenTev), which aims to guarantee the 45 EJ’s of the UFV conditions to offer services with excellence to society, as the University itself he does.

UFV: Entreprenuer university

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Junior tecnoPARQ

The tecnoPARQ Júnior Program aims to disseminate the entrepreneurial culture and train new leaders of character, ethical and efficient, through junior companies. For this, the program is developed in four strategic activities:

  • Consolidation of UFV’s junior companies, through the qualification of juniors;
  • Expansion of the activity of UFV junior companies, offering new ways of connecting with the market and society, in addition to collaboration between the junior companies themselves;
  • Foster the creation of new startups and spin-offs, by strengthening ties between junior companies and the activities of the Incubator and tecnoPARQ;
  • Dissemination of the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the UFViana community through activities developed by junior companies, according to the entrepreneurship projects presented by them.

History of CEMP

The Center of Junior Companies – CEMP – was created in July 1998, linked to the Dean of Extension and Culture. In August 1998, at the VI National Meeting of Junior Companies, CEMP was recognized as the first nucleus of junior entrepreneurs, formally constituted by statute and board.

This UFV initiative inspired the creation of several other nuclei in the country, such as, for example, UNICAMP. In August 2001, CEMP was linked to CENTV/UFV.

The beginning of the Junior Companies movement at UFV dates back to 1993, when the following companies were created: Alimentos Junior, UFV Junior Florestal and CACE, from the Food Engineering, Forestry Engineering and Administration courses, respectively.

From 1994 to 1998, EJZ, EJEAG, EJEA, CAMPIC and NO BUGS emerged from courses in Animal Science, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Cooperative Administration and Computer Science.

The activities of UFV Junior Companies are regulated by resolution of its University Council. CEMP is a reference in supporting the creation and development of Junior Companies, providing and giving the necessary support for the full realization of its activities.

It currently has 32 Junior Companies covering the four areas of knowledge at UFV. These companies directly involve more than 800 students in their activities and, indirectly, about 1500 students.

CEMP is a body that brings together Junior Companies – non-profit civil associations, which act as a pedagogical instrument with the objective of carrying out projects and services that contribute to the development of the country and train qualified professionals committed to this objective.


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