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Our Solutions

Prototyping laboratory

At tecnoPARQ we have ultra-equipped laboratories that allow agreements and partnerships for R, D & I, certification and quality control, consultancy for certification and quality control, equipment maintenance, control of glassware and reagents, certification with the Internal Biosafety Commission of the UFV in addition to ISO 17.025 certification.

Associated Company

The Associated Company program facilitates networking between the academic community, businesses, government, investors, and society at large, with the aim of driving technological innovation.

Innovation Link

The tecnoPARQ Innovation Link conects UFV and companies, being recognized recognized among the top 10 global innovative solutions of 2022 by the International Scientific Parks Association


The internationalization program of tecnoPARQ allows the development of partnerships and the stablishment of cooperation (MoU), participation of the IASP Program, Land2Land, and participation in events. The tecnoPARQ has an Enrich Certification.


At tecnoPARQ, we have highly equipped laboratories that enable agreements and partnerships for R&D, certification and quality control, certification and quality control consultancy, equipment maintenance, glassware and reagent control, certification with the UFV Internal Biosafety Committee, as well as ISO 17.025 certification.

Associated Company

Companies affiliated with tecnoPARQ have technical and scientific cooperation in R&D and participate in the Innovation Link, receiving corporate acceleration

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