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Welcome to tecnoPARQ Maker Labs, where creativity meets technology to forge the future. Here, we dive deep into the journey of innovation, providing fertile ground for inquisitive and entrepreneurial minds to turn visions into reality. Our cutting-edge laboratories, agroMAKER Lab 4.0 and tecnoMAKER Lab, transcend the boundaries of experimentation. They are fields of collaboration and discovery, where students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts can bring together their talents and ideas.

At tecnoPARQ Maker Labs, we embrace the belief that innovation is the engine of progress. Our facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, provide the perfect space to create, prototype, and breathe life into extraordinary ideas. Here, we offer more than just a laboratory; we offer an innovation ecosystem. If you’re ready to explore the horizons of innovation, join us at tecnoPARQ Maker Labs and be part of the technological revolution shaping tomorrow.

tecnoPARQ Maker Labs is the result of a visionary collaboration between the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), the Faemg – Senar System, and the UFV Technology Park. Our mission is clear: to foster technological innovation and accelerate progress in agriculture, industry, and beyond. Through this endeavor, we open our doors to the community, inviting farmers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers to bring their ideas and projects. With the experience of UFV, the wisdom of Senar, and the tecnoPARQ ecosystem, we are bringing forth a technological revolution that extends from the fields to cutting-edge laboratories. Join us in the pursuit of excellence, innovation, and progress.


At tecnoPARQ Maker Labs, we offer a wide range of research and prototyping opportunities. Our laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows us to carry out various activities, such as:

Product Prototyping

You can bring your ideas to life by prototyping products, from innovative electronic devices to complex mechanical components.

Additive Manufacturing

Use 3D printers to create three-dimensional objects from digital models, enabling rapid iteration and experimentation of designs.

Subtractive Manufacturing

With laser cutting and engraving machines and large format milling machines, it is possible to produce parts with precision from different materials, such as metal, wood and plastic.

Electronics and Microcontrollers

Develop electronic projects using breadboards, microcontrollers like Arduino, and a variety of electronic components.

3D scanning

Use 3D scanners to digitize objects with high precision, allowing you to create digital models for printing or analysis.

Tests and Experimentation

Perform tests and experiments on equipment and devices, collecting accurate data for analysis and improvement.

Automation and Robotics

Explore robotics projects, creating autonomous devices that interact with the environment and respond to sensor data.


At Agro Maker Lab, we focus our efforts on technologies and solutions specific to agribusiness, including monitoring devices, agricultural automation and more.

Reverse engineering

Analyzing and recreating existing projects for improvement.

3D Scanning

3D Printing at tecnoPARQ Maker Labs represents an advanced additive manufacturing methodology that enables the physical creation of three-dimensional objects from digital models. This technology offers a diverse range of materials, including engineering plastics and resins, allowing for exceptional precision in building parts and prototypes. The state-of-the-art 3D printers in our facilities ensure a high level of detail and quality in production, making it possible to execute projects ranging from product prototypes to customized components. 3D Printing opens doors for the realization of concepts and designs in an effective and efficient manner, serving as a fundamental tool for research and the development of innovative solutions.

Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines

Laser Cutting Machines are one of the technological cornerstones of tecnoPARQ Maker Labs, offering the capability to transform digital designs into physical parts with extreme precision. These machines employ highly focused laser beams to cut and engrave various materials, including metal, wood, plastic, paper, and fabric. With the flexibility to work with a variety of substrates, Laser Cutting Machines enable the production of customized components, perfectly fitting parts, and intricate details across a wide range of applications.

In our laboratories, you will find state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment, controlled by advanced software to ensure precise and consistent results. This technology is essential for rapid prototyping, high-quality part production, and experimentation with diverse materials, allowing our users to explore creativity and functionality in their projects. Laser Cutting Machines are a versatile and powerful tool that drives innovation and the realization of ideas.


In addition, we offer a wide range of other equipment and tools, including:

  • Large-format milling machines for precise part creation through material removal.
  • High-precision 3D scanners for detailed object scanning.
  •  Electronic testing equipment, such as digital frequency meters, digital oscilloscopes, and function generators.
  • DC power supplies for controlled voltage and current output adjustments.
  • Cutting plotters for performing cuts, engravings, and designs on various materials.
  • Attachable aerial mapping scanners for drones to capture aerial images of specific areas.
  • Digital pH meters, humidity and temperature meters, data loggers, thermal cameras, and gas detectors for research and monitoring projects.
  • GNSS receivers for surveying, mapping, and navigation of areas.
  • Advanced robotic cameras with flexible connectivity features.
  • Dendrometers for measuring trunk diameter variation in trees.
  •  Agrometeorological stations for collecting climate data, including rainfall, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and wind speed.
  • Visible spectrophotometers for measuring the absorption of visible light in liquid or solid samples.


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TecnoPARQ Maker Labs are open to a wide variety of users, including startups, pre-incubated companies, incubated companies and residents of the Viçosa Technological Park. Furthermore, our intention is to make them accessible to the Federal University of Viçosa community and the external public. Everyone is welcome to take advantage of the resources and equipment available.

To schedule the use of TecnoPARQ Maker Labs equipment, contact our service team. They will be happy to guide you about the reservation process, availability and the necessary procedures for using the laboratories.

Yes, you can use TecnoPARQ Maker Labs for personal or academic projects, as long as you follow the established guidelines and regulations. Our intention is to promote innovation and learning, so we encourage the community to explore new ideas and technologies.

TecnoPARQ Maker Labs opening hours may vary, so it is important to check availability and scheduling information. Generally, we try to offer flexible schedules to accommodate different project and user needs.

Our laboratories have a dedicated technical team to provide support during the use of the equipment. If you need technical assistance, guidance on the machines or have questions related to the projects, do not hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to help ensure a productive and safe experience.