Cross Acceleration

Expand your horizons and connect globally.

Cross Acceleration

Discover a new dimension of growth and opportunities with tecnoPARQ’s Cross Acceleration Program. Through this innovative initiative, we offer startups and innovative ventures the chance to expand their global presence, establish strategic partnerships, and drive their growth on an international scale.

Our program goes beyond the conventional boundaries of acceleration, providing a unique approach based on collaboration and access to a global network of partners. By connecting talented entrepreneurs, experienced mentors, and international investors, tecnoPARQ’s Cross Acceleration Program provides a dynamic platform for the development of innovative businesses in an increasingly competitive global landscape.


What does the program offer:

  • Access to a global network of strategic partners: With the Cross Acceleration Program, you’ll have the opportunity to establish valuable connections with strategic partners in various countries. These partnerships open doors to new markets, business opportunities, and access to international resources.
  • Specialized mentoring: Our selected entrepreneurs have access to experienced mentors with specific knowledge in their respective fields. These mentors are committed to providing guidance, sharing experiences, and offering strategic insights to help your startup grow and develop.
  • Support in internationalization: We understand that global expansion can present unique challenges. That’s why we offer specialized support to assist your startup throughout the internationalization process, from adapting to foreign markets to addressing legal and regulatory matters.
  • Events and connections with investors: Through the Cross Acceleration Program, you’ll have access to exclusive events and networking opportunities with international investors. These interactions are crucial for attracting investments, ensuring the financial growth of your startup, and establishing strategic partnerships.
  • Exposure and visibility: By participating in the program, your startup will have the opportunity to stand out in a global environment, expanding its exposure and visibility in the entrepreneurial landscape. This increased visibility can attract new customers, partners, and business opportunities.
  • Access to global resources and infrastructure: As a participant in the Cross Acceleration Program, your startup will have access to globally recognized resources and infrastructure. This includes state-of-the-art laboratories, coworking spaces, research and development centers, among others. These additional resources can drive innovation and accelerate the growth of your startup.
Expand your horizons and connect globally

Brasilesia: Cross Acceleration Brazil & Poland

Brasilesia is a cross-acceleration program that promotes collaboration and exchange between Brazilian and Polish startups. Conceived by tecnoPARQ and Polish institutions, Brasilesia provides partnership opportunities, knowledge sharing and access to international markets. During the program, selected startups have the chance to connect with experts, mentors and investors, as well as participate in workshops and networking events. This initiative aims to boost the internationalization and growth of startups, strengthening relations between Brazil and Poland.

The 2023 edition of the Brasilesia program has already completed its registration phase. Stay tuned to the tecnoPARQ website and social networks for information on future editions and cross-acceleration opportunities with other countries.

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tecnoPARQ is proud of its mutual cooperation agreements between different countries and international institutions.

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International Partnerships

  • International partnerships are essential to strengthen tecnoPARQ as a global innovation hub and provide valuable opportunities for companies in our ecosystem. In addition to bilateral partnerships with various countries, here are the main strategic partnerships with renowned internationalization support organizations:

    ENRICH — European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs
    IASP — International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation
    ANPROTEC — National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises

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The tecnoPARQ Cross Acceleration program is an initiative that promotes collaboration between startups from Brazil and other countries, aiming to boost the growth and internationalization of these companies. Through strategic partnerships and knowledge exchange, the program offers support, mentoring and business opportunities for participating startups.

Participating in the tecnoPARQ Cross Acceleration program brings several benefits to startups, such as access to an international network of contacts, business opportunities in the foreign market, specialized mentoring, support for internationalization, training and connections with investors and large companies. Furthermore, startups have the chance to expand their knowledge, share experiences and strengthen their skills in a global collaboration environment.

tecnoPARQ has Cross Acceleration partnerships with several countries around the world. Some examples include South Africa, South Korea, India and Poland. The latter, with the Brasilesia program. tecnoPARQ is always looking for new partnerships and international collaboration opportunities to offer to entrepreneurs in its ecosystem.

To participate in the tecnoPARQ Cross Acceleration program, interested startups must follow the specific calls and selections for each program. Generally, it is necessary to submit an application and go through a selection process. Stay tuned to the social networks and the tecnoPARQ website to find out about participation opportunities.

Selection criteria to participate in the Cross Acceleration program may vary according to each specific program. Generally, aspects such as the stage of development of the startup, the potential for scalability of the business, innovation and differentiation of the product or service, the entrepreneurial team, among other relevant factors, are considered. It is important to follow the information released about each program to understand what the specific criteria are and how to apply.