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Our Solutions

Forst Insight

The Forest Insight is an open innovation call in which 20 leading players in the Brazilian forestry sector propose challenges across Brazil, selecting solutions for the acceleration program.

Avança Café (Advance Coffee)

The Avança Café, with the motto "From Tree to Cup," is the epicenter of innovation in coffee cultivation, bringing together technological parks and key institutions to accelerate startups and transform the coffee production chain.

Ideation Lab

The Ideation Lab, free and open for everyone, promotes the development e reestruction of innovative solutions, offering entreprenuership workshops and networking opportunities in the ecosystem of innovation.

InovaLácteos System

The InovaLácteos System (SIL) connects agents of the dairy complex in MG through a systematized acceleration, bringing together technological parks, academic and governmental institutions to boost technological solutions and innovations for the dairy sector, under the leadership of the Polo do Leite Innovation Agency.

tecnoPARQ Acelera

Through the tecnoPARQ Acelera Program, we carry out the plan and technological prospection, define strategic technologies, carry out Meetups and Hackathons with the aim of selecting projects, assessing feasibility, accelerating and providing coworking space. Accelerate your ideas, your career and reach your wildest dreams with technoPARQ Accelerates!

Meet the tecnoPARQ

We do the Sensibilization and the Prospection through the tecnoPARQ Startup Business Unit, by means of lectures of sensibilization and specific programs like: Ideation Lab, Entreprenuer Couch, Innovate Seminar, tecnoPARQ in Sinergy, Open Doors tecnoPARQ and the Careers Event.

Cross Acceleration

Through Cross Acceleration, it is possible to establish partnerships, select projects, accelerate, and work in a coworking space.


Our Pre-Incubation Program selects incredible projects, which carry out feasibility studies, market characterization and allows you to participate in qualification, consultancy and advisory programs, mentoring, status meetings, monitoring and follow-up, networking development and the possibility of working in coworking.

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