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Softlanding Hub

tecnoPARQ, since 2020, has accreditation as ENRICH Soft Landing Hub. The ENRICH network (European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hub), encourages and facilitates cooperation in research, technology and entrepreneurship, supporting and strengthening agents in the innovation value chain. ENRICH in Brazil is part of the Brazil-Europe Center for Innovation and Business Cooperation (CEBRABIC) project, funded by the European Union through the “Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programm”. ENRICH offers services to connect European organizations with Brazil, China and the USA.


The approval for accreditation by the organization recognizes tecnoPARQ as an institution that provides specialized softlanding services for companies that wish to enter or test the Brazilian market, strengthening Brazil-Europe cooperation in the areas of research, innovation and business, through the exchange of innovative practices. In addition to Brazil, ENRICH also supports other centers and hubs in the US and China.


While ENRICH is in the Brasil Soft Landing Hub, tecnoPARQ will offer networking with researchers from the UFV and other ICTs, support for installation at tecnoPARQ, guidance for visa accessconnection with investors and large companies and all other services of its Program of Incubation and Residence. 

Softlanding Services Offered

Knowledge management:

  • Interaction and technological cooperation with the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) and other universities
  • Access to highly qualified professionals and researchers
  • Access to research equipment
  • Access to laboratories and instrumentation for research
  • Business management guidance
  • Guidance for preparing the Business Plan
  • Search for promotional notices
  • Access to inventors and venture capital
  • Assistance in project design (research, development and innovation)
  • Access to training activities and training

Consulting and specific management technologies:

  • Quality Function Deployment
  • roadmap technology
  • technology assessment
  • Networking in the technology area and exchange of information with partners
  • Support in the administrative activities of companies
  • Availability of consultants (legal, financial, marketing, communication, secretarial, accounting)
  • Monitoring the performance of companies
  • Guidance on intellectual property rights and product legalization

Monitoring and competitive intelligence:

  • Access to large companies (B2B)
  • Technology prospecting and management
  • Strategic approach to innovation
  • Dissemination of technological culture
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Participating in tecnoPARQ’s Softlanding Program is simple. All you need to do is send an email to expressing your interest. Our team will promptly respond to schedule an online meeting to discuss your specific needs, goals, and the support services we can provide through the Softlanding Program. We look forward to assisting you in your journey to enter and thrive in the Brazilian market.

tecnoPARQ offers a range of benefits, including access to a network of researchers, interaction with universities, guidance in business management, assistance in project design, access to training activities, and support in administrative activities. Additionally, tecnoPARQ provides access to inventors, venture capital, and opportunities for networking and exchange of information.

As part of the Softlanding Hub, tecnoPARQ facilitates access to research equipment, laboratories, and instrumentation for research purposes. Through our network and partnerships, we can connect you with the relevant resources and support you in utilizing them for your innovation activities.  

At the Softlanding Hub, we offer a range of consulting services to assist companies. This includes legal, financial, marketing, communication, secretarial, and accounting consultations. These consultants can provide guidance and support in various aspects of your business, ensuring you have the necessary expertise to succeed.

At tecnoPARQ’s Softlanding Hub, we help you to find guidance on intellectual property rights and the process of product legalization. Our partners can assist you in understanding the necessary steps, requirements, and regulations to protect your intellectual property and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

The Softlanding Hub at tecnoPARQ emphasizes competitive intelligence as a strategic approach to innovation. We assist companies in accessing information about market trends, competitors, and technological advancements. This information helps you stay informed, make informed business decisions, and identify new opportunities for growth.


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